Quickly eractable buildings and structures

The quickly erectable buildings and structures manufactured by Vector are a great alternative to traditional construction. We offer a number of modern solutions in the field of portable architectural design.
20 years of experience
in design and production
Over 300 projects
Over 500 000 m2
of area covered
Over 1 500 000 m2
of pvc fabric used

What are they used for

Quickly erectable buildings are used all year round in various fields of activity.

Indoor sports facilities

  • Covered sports complexes (tennis courts, swimming pools, football pitches, basketball and volleyball courts, stadiums)
  • Sports training complexes (sports bases of educational institutions, fitness clubs, gyms, etc.)
  • Sports and leisure centers (race courses, velodromes, car-race tracks, sports grounds, etc.)

Industrial buildings

  • Industrial buildings (production premises of factories; workshops; garages, etc.)
  • Agricultural production buildings (vegetable storehouses, cowsheds, poultry houses, granaries)

Quickly erectable hangars and warehouses

  • Multi-purpose warehouses
  • Temporary structures in construction
  • Equipment storage and maintenance buildings (trucks, cars, yachts, boats, airplanes and helicopters)

Trade. Leisure

  • Recreation facilities (cafes, play complexes, leisure centers, clubs)
  • Entertainment facilities (circuses, dolphinariums, theaters, etc.)


  • Quick production and installation
    The lead time (depending on size and additional parameters) is about 6 weeks. The minimum amount of time required for the installation is 3 days.
  • Low cost
    The cost of quickly erectable buildings compared with that of permanent buildings of the same size is much lower.
  • High energy efficiency
    Quickly erectable buildings have good thermal insulating properties and high light-transmitting capacity.
  • Reliability and operating convenience
    Quickly erectable buildings, despite their external appearance, are very durable and reliable. Provided that the operation rules are observed, they serve up to 30 years, withstand weathering and precipitation (heavy snowfalls and winds).
  • No building permit required
    Quickly erectable buildings are temporary structures. Therefore, permission documentation for their installation is not required.
  • Simple dismantling, transporting and re-erection
    A quickly erectable building can be easily dismantled and re-located. The structure is lightweight and compact when packed down.
  • Versatility, multipurposeness, all year round operation
    Quickly erectable structures can be installed on any type of soil. They can be used in any field of activity. The structures have all necessary technical openings and fixtures for mounting heating, lighting and ventilation systems, which allows for their all year round operation. They allow for covering large areas of land without the use of internal supports (up to 8000 m2).
  • Creation of any form, size and design
    Quickly erectable buildings can be of any shape, size and design, depending on the customer's wishes.