Inflatable structures


  • Fast installation
    Production term is 6 weeks. The installation takes one to three days.
  • Mobility
    Easy dismantling, transportation and repeated installation.
  • Foundation
    There is no need for a foundation.
  • Covering of large areas
    Covering of large areas without internal pillars.
Vector company has been designing pneumo-frame inflatable buildings (PFIBs) since 2000. We have an extensive experience in the manufacturing and operation of PFIBs with an area of 20 to 4000 m2. So far more than 100 pneumo-frame inflatable buildings for various purposes have been designed and installed by our specialists.

The mobility and versatility of use make pneumo-frame inflatable buildings indispensable for a rapid covering of large areas.

Pneumo-frame inflatable buildings can be used as temporary and permanent structures for indoor sports facilities and pools, industrial and agricultural hangars, sheds for storing equipment and as mobile buildings, etc. The advantages of PFIBs are their fast production and deployment. Moreover, they do not need a foundation. The installation is carried out in the shortest possible time by a small number of people and does not require a costly renting of lifting equipment and special mechanisms.

Pneumo-frame inflatable buildings from the Vector company are adapted for operating in different climatic zones within the temperature range from -30 °C to +40°C. They are resistant to heavy winds and snow. A PFIB consists of sealed modules filled with compressed air, which give the building the necessary rigidity and allow it to attain its shape. Usually pneumo-modules have the form of an arch. However, a PFIB can be of any shape due to peculiarities of its design.