Air-supported buildings


  • Fast installation
    Production term is 6 weeks. The installation takes one to three days.
  • Low cost
    The cost is much lower compared with that of permanent buildings.
  • Foundation
    There is no need for a foundation.
  • Covering of large areas
    Covering of large areas without internal pillars.
Vector company designs and produces air-supported buildings. The advantages of structures of this type are their rapid installation and the ability to cover large areas of land. One of our largest air-supported buildings is a sports complex, which has covered area of 7700 m2, located in the city of Ivanovo. The minimum size of the air-supported buildings produced and set up by the company is 15 m2. The size of the structure is calculated individually for each project. We have experience in installing air-supported buildings on various types of soils, steep slopes and uneven ground.

Air-supported buildings are used for sports facilities: football fields, swimming pools, horse riding arenas, tennis courts; as well as for industrial and agricultural premises (warehouses, hangars, storages, etc).

An air-supported building (inflatable air-supported dome) is a two-layer shell made of reinforced dense textile. The shape of the structure is attained by introducing air below the membrane and creating internal over-pressure. Under standard operation conditions, the excessive pressure does not exceed the difference in the atmospheric pressure between the 2nd and 8th storey of an ordinary building. At customer request, we can supply optional equipment for creating a comfortable environment inside the building at outdoor temperatures from -30 °C to +40°C. Properly designed and manufactured with quality materials, the air-supported building can withstand high snow and wind loads.