Sports buildings


  • Fast installation
    Production term is 6 weeks. The installation takes one to three days.
  • Low cost
    The cost is much lower compared with that of permanent buildings.
  • Foundation
    There is no need for a foundation.
  • Covering of large areas
    Covering of large areas without internal pillars.
Modern quickly erectable structures are excellent for indoor sports areas of almost any size.

So far, our specialists have already installed more than 300 portable quickly erectable buildings including:

• indoor football building - a pneumo-frame inflatable building (covered area - 800 m2);
• sports complex - an air-supported building (covered area - 7700 m2);
• indoor swimming pool – a pneumo-frame inflatable building (covered area - 660 m2);
• indoor tennis court – an air-supported building (covered area - 650 m2);
• indoor ice skating rink – an air-supported building (covered area - 2160 m2);
• indoor football building - a tension fabric structure (covered area - 1848 m2);
• and others, which you can view in Gallery.

Air-supported buildings (ASB) are energy efficient structures. Their shape is attained by internal over-pressure created by pressure equipment. The advantage of air-supported buildings is the ability to span large sports areas of up to 8000 m2.

Tension fabric buildings (TFB) are a cost and time-saving alternative to traditional construction.

Pneumo-frame inflatable buildings (PFIB) are an innovation in the field of inflatable structures. PFIBs combine the advantages of air-supported and tension fabric buildings. They are easily and quickly mounted and do not require creating over-pressure inside the building.

We will install any of the three types of buildings depending on the customer’s wishes.