About the company


Vector Company was founded in 1998. Since 2000, we have been designing and manufacturing quickly erectable buildings. For our 20 years of work, our specialists have installed more than 300 mobile buildings of various levels of complexity – from small tents, buildings for exhibitions (with the cover area of 20 m2) to large indoor sports clubs (7700 m2). All of them are still successfully functioning. Vector specializes in the production and design of large and complex structures of high-quality PVC materials.


The production space of the company is 6000 m2. It comprises two production sites equipped with modern professional equipment. Every year we process 300 thousand m2 of PVC material to produce and sell more than 1000 types of products for various purposes. We have concluded an agreement with Mehler Texnologies (Germany) for direct delivery of PVC fabrics. Our experts are regularly tracking the appearance of new fabrics and production technologies in the market to apply them in our manufacturing. The Vector company is certified according to international standards and complies with all the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. We are proud of our specialists – talented designers, constructors, engineers, builders, and professional workers – and our own inventions designed to improve the technical and economic performance of buildings.


Vector was the first company to develop and implement a scheme of production of pneumo-frame inflatable buildings. Except pneumo-frame buildings, we design and manufacture air-supported buildings, tension fabric structures, marquees and canopies.

Other areas of the company’s activity

vector-in.com – Design and production of inflatable children’s attractions of any type: inflatable trampoline complexes, inflatable water parks, inflatable slides.

vector-boat.com – Design and production of rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) with a rigid hull and inflatable boards, which combine the advantages of both rigid and inflatable boats.