Industrial buildings
For more than 20 years, Vector has been manufacturing quickly erectable buildings and structures from PVC fabric for the industrial sphere.

These are quickly erectable industrial structures (production premises, workshops, garages, etc), agricultural production buildings (vegetable storehouses, cowsheds, poultry houses, granaries, etc.).

Vector offers three types of buildings: pneumo-frame inflatable buildings (PFIB), air-supported buildings (ASB) and tension fabric buildings (TFB).

Each type of the buildings has its own advantages. For example, air-supported buildings are currently the most cost-effective quickly erectable structures on the market. These structures are not equipped with a frame since they do not require internal supports. With pneumo-frame inflatable buildings, you can decrease or increase the area of the structure at any time by disconnecting some of its segments or adding new ones. This is possible due to an innovative design that implies using sealed inflatable tubes. Tension fabric buildings are also a modern, time and cost-saving replacement for traditional buildings of brick and concrete.

We will design, manufacture and install any of the three types of buildings, taking into account the area that needs to be covered, wishes of the customer, and operational conditions.