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Model range

We offer vide variety of tensile fabric structures. Structurally they can be made of aluminum or steel with rust-proof coating. Cost of steel constructions is lower, but aluminum has the number of advantages, for example, lightness that allows installing them on the roof and service life, because aluminum is virtually not corrodible.

TN 10 TN 15 TN 20 TN 25 TN 30

Depending on the purpose of the structure, we can offer you single-ply tensile fabric construction or two-ply hangar with thermal insulation.

Likewise, way of fastening tent to the frame is not unimportant. Simple option is when tent is fastened using eyelets. For exclusive constructions we offer fastening system “mast track”. This system simplifies installation, allows better fabric strain which strengthens the fabric. Such construction has highest airproof.

For construction choice, have a look at offered product line. In case when you have suggestions about offered constructions, our company will tailor our product for your needs.